What You Get


Haven't you started navigating the path towards "Personalized Learning" yet? Personalizing learning is the key design element to transform today's education. It is about letting the students make choices about what and how they learn by developing a notion of self-efficacy and self-direction skills.

What we offer

A holistic cloud based platform helping educators in bringing personalized learning to their students through,

  • Simplified management tools
  • Enhanced collaboration
  • World class education content
  • Supported by big data analytics

We don't offer a curriculum or program to promote individualized learning. But we offer a single, integrated cloud platform using most current technology which makes the whole process easier and more exciting for the educators, parents and students. We help you steer towards Personalized learning approach by providing with more international course material, analytics & visualization tools to collaborate and innovate. We have created and improvised the most efficient one stop solution which replaces the fragmented & ineffective school management software.



What: Maintain control over all school management.

How: EduSparrow software allows full interactivity with all stakeholders.

Why: Gives you perfromance edge and comprehensive reporting data at a click.

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What: Manage school accounts and payroll.

How: Through our inbuilt accounts solutions & cross accounting software functionalities.

Why: EduSparrow one-stop solution gives you visibility on all financial aspects.

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What: Live-time subject feeds via MOOCS*

How: EduSparrow's partnership with leading MOOCS allows access to subject materials in live-time.

Why: Gives a much wider range of course materials to your students ensuring continuous improvement in their academic performance.

*Massive Online Open Courseworks

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What: Using big data analytics to give key insights.

How: EduSparrow patented software gives you 360 degree key performance indications .

Why: EduSparrow to improve shortcomings and build your organization's market position.

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